Honor Among Thieves by Richard Weaver

Honor Among Thieves

is wildly, vastly, confusingly overrated. IMHO. Was there a focus group

I missed, for God’s sake? Or a convention of felons who gathered

in the illegal dark gym of a Teamster’s Hyatt in New Jersey to work out


the uncompromising details? And agree, actually shake hands on this

impalpably ironic bull? LOL. Less likely than winning trifectas back to back

on consecutive Tuesdays with rain both days. It’s not so much our thing


you know, all in the silent family. We’re loyal to money. Take that to the bank.

But don’t expect no check. We don’t do business that way. Know what I mean.

Silence is the best loyalty, and loyalty is a silence no one can afford to forget.


About the Poet
Richard Weaver lives in Baltimore Maryland where he volunteers with the Maryland Book Bank. His book, The Stars Undone, was taken from a larger manuscript about the Mississippi artist, Walter Anderson. Four poems became the libretto for a symphony, Of Sea and Stars, composed by Eric Ewazen of Juilliard, and performed four times to date. His 2016 publications or acceptances Aberration Labyrinth, Allegro, Clade Song, Conjunctions, Crack the spine, Dead Mule, Five 2 One, Gingerbread House, Gloom Cupboard, Gnarled Oak, Kestrel, Little Patuxent, Louisville Review, Magnolia, MPQR, OffCourse, Quiddity, Red Eft Review, Southern Quarterly, Steel Toe, Stonecoast, Literateur, & Triggerfish.