Issue 7 Exquisite Corpse Collaborative Poem Project

Martha Distress Quartet Nebraska Resist Kinship Metallurgy Seasing Shank Of Said
By Steven Alvarez, Kris Bigalk, Roger Camp, Ed Coletti, William Doreski, Lou Heron, Alec Hershman, Peter A. Manos, Daniel Lassell, Ian C Smith, and Jonathan Taylor

When we know the most is when we don’t
A melancholic outline of pale hills
This music kills flies.
Pastel cheerleaders ranting
Just another day of outrage, and the fat old white men grin around their cigars, victorious
with swirling birds girding virgin birch, flirting
horizontal frequency & vertical resonance lightening suave tonalities
Violet cries Lot at the edge of the inlet
His rocking arms besotted with pollen
All common side effects, the doctors warn.
Stick it to the moon.

Note: This is a different version of an exquisite corpse with no restrictions. Each poet contributed a word for the title and a line for the poem. Everything will be organized according to whoever responded first. The resulting poem can be a little chaotic, since each poet does not know what has been written or what will be written.