Untitled by Peter Res

In competing shades of shadow and alternate life, you call the power company and tell them to go away. There is a dead bluebird in the plant by the window. She came to us on the porch, when the sun was kind to birds and humans. I still remember the symbol crash of tears, black eyes streaking. I keep you in a jar beneath my bed.

About the Poet
Peter G. Res is a poet, teacher, and musician from New Jersey. He is a graduate of the New England College MFA program in Poetry, where he studied under Ilya Kaminsky. His first, full length collection of poems is forthcoming from A…P Press, April 2015. Previous chapbooks include: Neon Soliloquies (Erbacce, 2011, UK), Smoke and the South(Nassaice, 2010), and Vibrant Ghost (Differentia Press, 2009, ebook). Res is currently Adjunct Professor of English at SUNY–Westchester Community College. For more, see: https://sunywcc.academia.edu/PeterRes.