Two Views of the Sky by Timothy B. Dodd

Two Views of the Sky
Motors churn for the hillside. Outside
the glass           up        sky floods, rolls
on cirrus flicks, feathered souls, new
wave keyboard notes—enough clarity
.           to tip it back in a blue
.           bottle, enough stretch
.           to sprint the next care.
.           Enough azure to rise.

I know not the different types of clouds, still,
to think what’s given me. Is depth in my eyes
to see what she prepares? And the human catch,

to look for elsewhere desire—the other side, now
bleeding streaks in purple          and break-light red.
You could grab your own running blood and pour
it in a glass                    taste the particles running
the heavens. This is not for display. This is home.

I turn. She creeps along the aisle with cane, between
two skies, down the steps. Off the bus, into the street,
words lisped about cans on the ground, and the fixx.

About the Poet
Timothy B. Dodd is from Mink Shoals, WV.  His poetry has appeared in The Roanoke Review, William & Mary Review, Big River Poetry Review, Crannog, Two Thirds North, and elsewhere.  He is currently in the MFA program at the University of Texas El Paso.