Two Poems by J.L. Moultrie

Astral / Insignia

 something fragile



something fervent



we’re often

mistaken for others


looking for a mind

other than this


it became clearer

in the thaw of spring


it became clearer

in that quarrel inside of you


the interior of those moments

doused in forbidden aims


we planned to circumvent

the chaste flames


they lived as we did

in a language that held us


a spell of rain

made me notice the blushing sky


some simple pain

falling into the crevice of my mind


it is hard to ignore

the brook and ravine


the heath and meadow

revealing the stain between


something articulate

and ill framed



 Looking past

the dissonant flowers

my body comes apart

in stilted frames


Serenading the ancients

we’re pounds of flesh

inhibiting the

warmth of discord


The sprawling pain

like seamless

impassible walls

separates each revelatory day


Finding ways out of

my skin proves difficult

the years levitate

about our inherited clay


To exist is

a brief fit of ambivalence

a dance in

subterranean tombs


About the Poet
J.L. Moultrie is a native Detroiter, poet and fiction writer who communicates his art through the written word. He fell in love with literature after encountering Fyodor Dostoyevsky, James Baldwin, Rainer Maria Rilke and many others. He considers himself a literary abstract artist of modernity.