Marston Moor by Matthew Wilson

Marston Moor
The dead advance in gun-smoke
Between the grey of stars and grass
Lighting wicks of waiting cannons
Where king on white horses pass.

Men with grapeshot filled chests
Stumble without heads round the field
Not knowing the gunplay has stopped
Waiting for their orders to yield.

Men run through with swords linger
Jabbing the air with glinting steel
Beneath a rising fat and evil moon
Soldiers thinking their lives are real.

Survivors of the battle have gone mad
Watching dead friends standing tall
Now the king has lost his head to tyrants
His lifeless eyes watching heroes fall.

About the Poet
Matthew Wilson has had over 150 appearances in such places as Horror Zine, Star*Line, Spellbound, Illumen, Apokrupha Press, Gaslight Press, Sorcerers Signal and many more. He is currently editing his first novel and can be contacted on twitter @matthew94544267.