Issue 2 Exquisite Corpse Collaborative Poem Project

Snow Unfathomed Spring-sick Creole Thyself Carving Dawnknots
By Joe Balaz, Franklin K.R. Cline, Ray Holmes, Nina Kossman, Peter Res, James Sanders and Judith Skillman

Chiefs will win the next five Super.
Poker dogs silently mourn the death of the Great Poet.
The heavy fat blossoms like constellations
and da pidgin words wuz like foreign wings.
Do not listen to the knowing ones. Listen only to the wind.
Since kindling that angry buzz

Note: This is a different version of an exquisite corpse with no restrictions. Each poet contributed a word for the title and a line for the poem. Everything will be organized according to whoever responded first. The resulting poem can be a little chaotic, since each poet does not know what has been written or what will be written.